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WekaIO’s Matrix™ addresses the performance challenge with highly scalable on-demand shared storage designed to leverage the performance of flash using SATA, SAS, or NVMe SSD technology. Matrix can be quickly configured to support demanding media workflow requirements. Ideal for demanding workloads such as rendering that access millions of small files, Matrix seamlessly scales to thousands of compute nodes delivering linear performance at sub-millisecond latency, in the cloud or on-prem. Matrix breaks down data silos by combining the performance of SAN-based technology with the usability of centralized scale-out NAS into a single software-based storage platform. Content creators need immediate shared access to project files to collaborate more effectively. Matrix centralizes content and enables simultaneous, seamless file sharing via a distributed global namespace. Support for industry standard access protocols such as NFS, SMB, S3 and REST, means files can be concurrently accessed from any part of the workflow—eliminating the need to make additional copies.

As a software-only solution, Matrix can be deployed in hyperconverged, dedicated storage server, or mixed deployment models using off-the-shelf hardware. In hyperconverged mode, Matrix can run on your existing compute cluster with zero additional footprint—saving on floor space, power and cooling costs. Running Matrix in the cloud is easy and gives facilities the agility to respond to peak needs on-demand. Spin up a compute cluster when you need more rendering capacity, and when you are done, the data remains protected and accessible. Matrix can tolerate double the number of concurrent failures vs RAID 6, significantly lowering the risk of data loss. Production and post-production facilities get continuous system and application availability without sacrificing performance or cost.