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YellowDog’s high-performance cloud render service uniquely, isn’t restricted by the speed, performance, or capacity of a single cloud provider. YellowDog can be installed and integrated with various 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, and Modo pipelines within minutes, providing studios with access to hundreds or thousands of dedicated cores for on-demand, fixed price, CPU and GPU rendering. The YellowDog platform has an intuitive UX providing real-time feedback and secure visibility on progress of rendered frames. It provides customers with fully automated access to render logs, preview frames, and custom scheduling.

For custom pipelines that use software not supported by Standard YellowDog, the specialist render team at YellowDog assist with the installation of ‘Naked YellowDog’. Render agnostic pipelines or studios that choose to leverage their own licensing have total control over the configuration and delivery of their YellowDog service but with the consultation and support of the YellowDog team throughout.

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