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ActiveScale X100

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Highly scalable object storage system that enables you to cost-effectively deploy a private/hybrid cloud and facilitate data forever with extreme data durability.

The ActiveScale™ X100 System is a highly scalable, integrated storage system that scales up from 1PB to 7PB (raw) and scales out to over 63PB (raw), so you can easily keep up with rapid data growth and deliver on business objectives. It allows you to cost-effectively build an on-premises private/hybrid cloud for large-scale data that requires extreme data durability with easy and fast retrieval. ActiveScale is designed to facilitate a “Data Forever” architecture for investment protection and ease of operation.

  • Ready to deploy - Pre-configured system speeds implementation
  • Scalable - Scales up to 7PB (raw) and scales out to over 63PB (raw)
  • Highly Resilient - Patented technologies provide up to 19 nines of data durability
  • Excellent TCO - Low acquisition cost, power/TB, and operating costs
  • Easy to Use - Manage the entire namespace from a single pane of glass