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ActiveScale P100

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Our lowest cost of entry modular object storage system that can scale to 23PB (raw), deliver high durability and facilitate a data forever approach.

ActiveScale™ P100 is our lowest cost of entry object storage solution. Typically found in Fortune 5000 customers with capacity needs less than 5PB, the P100 can scale to 23PB. With a modular storage architecture and patented dynamic data placement, you can grow your system without re-balancing, move gracefully across generations, and avoid forklift upgrades.

  • Ready to deploy - Rapidly deploys into existing rack space
  • Scalable - Scales up to 2PB (raw) and scales out to over 23PB (raw)
  • Highly Resilient - Patented technologies provide up to 19 nines of data durability
  • Excellent TCO - Low acquisition cost, power/TB, and operating costs
  • Easy to Use - Manage the entire namespace from a single pane of glass