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ELEMENTS NAS offers basically the exact same features as ONE – only without the FC connectivity. Also providing up to 360TB raw storage space in a 4U/60bay unit, NAS supports 25/100GbE, allowing for 4K raw workflows on a pure Ethernet-based appliance. NAS comes loaded with the same set of features and tools that you need to efficiently manage and maintain the system, all easily accessible through a fully intuitive web-based GUI (html5): user and rights management, workspace management, project management, a file manager and a task manager for easy workflow automation.

In addition, ELEMENTS feature set offers a sophisticated, yet easy to use MAM system, our award-winning Media Library. In the most user-friendly fashion, authorized users can view, share, comment and even edit media assets through the same GUI – and get rid of email clutter. With ELEMENTS CLICK also embedded, you can easily utilize your very own cloud space, fully tailored and secure.

Tags:4K Raw, Cloud, Ethernet, Hardware, MAM, Media Asset Management, Media Storage, Software, Workflow Automation