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The flagship: ELEMENTS ONE, the ultimate all-in-one solution, has everything you could wish for. FC and Ethernet (copper and optical) on board allow to connect every client to one central storage, providing up to 360TB raw storage space in a 4U/60bay unit. But the best thing: just like every ELEMENTS appliance, ONE comes with a full set of features and tools that you need to efficiently manage and maintain not just the storage and workspaces. Accessible through a fully intuitive web-based GUI (html5) you can manage users (and their rights), projects, files and even a task manager for easy workflow automation is embedded, including a visual workflow manager.

In addition, ELEMENTS feature set offers a sophisticated, yet easy to use MAM system, our award-winning Media Library. In the most user-friendly fashion, authorized users can view, share, comment and even edit media assets through the same GUI – and get rid of email clutter. With ELEMENTS CLICK also embedded, you can easily utilize your very own cloud space, fully tailored and secure

Tags:4K Raw, Cloud, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Hardware, MAM, Media Asset Management, Media Storage, Software, Workflow Automation