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PixStor, Pixit Media’s software-defined scale-out storage solution, provides flexible scalability and predictable performance, without relying on expensive proprietary hardware technology. This allows content creators and distributors of any size to efficiently and granularly manage expansion and data retention costs as workflows change.

PixStor improves on traditional storage solutions by combining the performance of SAN-based technology with the usability of centralised Scale-Out NAS into a single, software-defined platform. Facilities are capable of concurrently accessing any type of data from any part of the workflow without performance degradation using industry standard sharing protocols (SMB, NFS, etc).

With a software-based approach to performance and capacity scaling, PixStor users are free to choose the most appropriate disk, tape and cloud components for their requirements from a wide-range of certified components, and services, all tightly integrated and supported by Pixit Media’s professional services and support team. By providing appliance functionality without traditional appliance restrictions, PixStor is able to reduce growth and support costs by as much as 90% by removing hardware vendor lock-in.

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