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Ngenea HSM for PixStor from Pixit Media removes the complexities of automatically tiering data to external file, tape and object resources. Future proof and cost-effective, Ngenea HSM allows your PixStor environment to tier to nearly any storage type through a single ingest point while simultaneously tracking costs.

PixStor Tiering to Nearly Any Destination

Ngenea HSM for PixStor removes both the short and long term complexities of tiering data from primary storage to external resources. Rather than adapting primary storage to each new iteration of tape, object or disk technology, Ngenea provides a single, simpli ed ingest point that automatically manages the ow of data to each tier while still providing seamless access to data for users and applications. This allow organisations to adopt new and lower cost technologies as they become available, without forcing wholesale data migrations from one tier to another. Additionally, users are able to access their data in the same logical location it was initially placed without ever having to ‘hunt’ for their assets across the various tiers. This combination of features allows the growth of data to be handled cost-effectively over many years while simultaneously increasing user productivity.

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