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LinkX™ Ethernet Optical Transceivers

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Mellanox 100Gb/s PSM4 single-mode transceivers are based upon 1550nm silicon photonics and available with an MPO connector or MPO pigtail and support reaches of up to 2km. Mellanox multimode transceivers based on VCSEL lasers have reaches varying by data rate, fiber type (OM2, OM3, OM4) and transceiver design with reaches up to 500m. 1310nm-based, single-mode LR and LR4 transceivers can achieve reaches of 10km. The wide range of transceiver types enables matching the lowest cost solution to best fit the specific application.

Mellanox designs and builds its own in-house developed Silicon Photonics and VCSEL transceiver SiGe ASICs. Unique designs and full systems testing enables all Mellanox cables and transceivers to offer BER 1E-15 which is 1000x few errors than most others, improving system performance and reliability and ensuring optimal signal integrity with the best end-to-end performance.



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