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NIM is a browser-based studio management tool created by artists for artists. NIM tracks the production pipeline from start to finish in a secure environment, serving as the central hub of any post-production studio. Incubated within Ntropic, a post-production and visual effects studio with 20 years of experience, NIM’s comprehensive feature set addresses every stage of production from asset management, shot tracking and creative review, to bidding, scheduling and job actualization – all within the NIM platform’s clean aesthetic and sophisticated design.

NIM Labs set out to create a streamlined, centralized point of entry for studios ranging from multi-site facilities to the single artist working alone to efficiently improve post-production job management resulting in time and cost savings. NIM evolved from a need for an end-to-end solution for managing the entire post-production business, instead of relying on multiple programs focused on different individual aspects of production. In contrast to cloud-based solutions, NIM is a virtual machine that is installed directly on a studio’s individual network, making the data secure behind the studio’s own firewall and enabling independent management. Users log in through a standard web browser and the extensive group-based permission structure customizes the UI to present only relevant data to approved users.

Tags:Actualization, Appovals, Asset Managment, Bidding, Collaboration, Creative Review, Dailies, Dashboard View, Financial Tracking, Job Tracking, Online Review, Project Structures, Publishing, Python API, Scheduling, Scheduling, Secure Pipeline and Studio Managment, Shot Tracking, Software, Versioning