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ftrack is a cloud based creative project management tool for production tracking, asset management and team collaboration. It lets users set up projects, allocate tasks, track their work in progress, review videos, make notes together and much more – all in a simple, collaborative workspace.


The development of the ftrack creative project management platform started in 2008 and it has been used successfully in production since 2009. ftrack was formed in 2011 by the original developers with the support of external investors. The team behind ftrack have extensive experience working in the advertising, VFX, post-production and game industries, helping them to understand the challenges that creative people in each industry face.


High profile users include Saddington Baynes, Mackevision, The Mill, MPC Commercials, Glassworks, Luma Pictures and ZeroVFX.

Tags:Approval, Asset Managment, Cloud, Creative, Production Management, Production Tracking, Project Management, Project Tracking, Software, Team Collaboration, Version Management, VFX, Video Review, Visual Effects