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Creative shops look to BrickStor, RackTop’s enterprise data storage solution, for high performance, low maintenance and great value. BrickStor supports Apple File Protocol (AFP), SMB, and iSCSI making it the perfect storage solution for the creative process with its ability to handle random I/O with extremely low latency. BrickStor’s hybrid architecture and media optimizations make it the ideal solution for image and video editing, rendering farms, and streaming 4K video. Admins can use data management tools, capacity forecasting, and manage multiple BrickStors across geography’s through a single pane of glass with myRack.

BrickStor’s native data protection and cloud connectivity provides users with frequent versioning and automatic offsite backup. Every BrickStor comes with free storage capacity in RackTop’s cloud for archive and backup. The solution offers the highest protection against data corruption and data loss. Our efficient use of snapshot and zero copy

clone technology allows your users to work on the same data set for different purposes with protections for each version, instantaneously. And our advanced replication capabilities allow you to replicate data between BrickStors and the cloud with WAN efficient replication that can resume where it left off if interrupted or paused. And when time is critical you can quickly and securely move an entire disk set between BrickStors with ease; move terabytes from the set to studio in minutes. With BrickStor, your end users will enjoy the benefits of this technology with a quiet and powerful workspace.

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