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QuantaStor is a unified Software Defined Storage (SDS) platform designed to scale-out and make storage management easy while reducing overall enterprise storage costs. QuantaStor SDS, deployed in datacenters worldwide, addresses a broad set of storage use cases including server virtualization, big data, cloud computing, and high performance applications through scale-out physical and virtual storage appliances. With support for all major SAN/NAS protocols including iSCSI/FC and NFS/CIFS and a high availability scale-out file system with fault-tolerant technologies, QuantaStor SDS delivers a complete array of enterprise features and capabilities that can be installed on any 64-bit Intel or AMD server or virtual machine.

Tags:Ceph, Cloud, Content Delivery, DRAM, GlusterFS, High Availability, Hybrid Cloud, NAS, Network Attached Storage, OpenStack, RAID-6, SAN, SDS, Simplified Storage Management, Software, Software Defined Storage, Storage, Storage Area Network, Video on Demand