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FS1 Flash Storage System

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Oracle FS1 Flash Storage System is an enterprise-grade SAN storage system built on an established foundation of five generations of hardware and software flash innovation. Oracle FS1 is specifically architected to maximize the power of flash and the economics of disk without impacting the predictable performance expected from an all-flash array. It leverages the most intelligent management framework in the industry to efficiently and automatically move data in fine-grained blocks across four tiers of storage media to maximize performance and cost metrics based on business priorities. And, Oracle FS1 is coengineered with Oracle servers, operating systems, applications, and databases to provide Oracle-unique functionality that delivers significant business value to customers.

Revolutionizing the ability to rapidly ingest large files and streamline content management with extreme scale, as is critical to the media and entertainment industry, is the combination of flash and tape. The Oracle Optimized Solution for Lifecycle Content Management is an enterprise content management solution that dynamically manages information in a tiered-storage environment comprised of flash, disk, content & archiving software and tape. It optimizes performance and capacity, driving down storage and implementation costs while increasing data value through immediate access to 100% of data for collaboration and re-use.

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