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Based on powerful Oracle storage and third-party MAM/DAM archiving software, Oracle's infrastructure solutions for media asset archiving provide content agility and storage efficiency, enabling broadcast and production businesses to meet the challenges of digital media.

Oracle’s StorageTek archiving and data protection solutions save money, reduce integration risks, improve IT efficiency, and are easily supportable. Whether built on an all-Oracle platform or with select third-party ISVs, Oracle solutions for archiving and data protection solve at scale data retention, business continuity, and data management problems for customers of all sizes. 

  • T10000D
  • LTO (just so no-one thinks we only do T10000D)
  • LTFS Library Edition
  • SAM-FS
Tags:Archive, Broadcasting, Data Mangement, General File Archiving, Library, Media and Entertainment, Media Asset Archiving, Shared Storage, Software, Storage, Streaming, Tape, Tiered Storage, Video Surveillance