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CDW StudioCloud supports the post-production render and storage requirements of the media and entertainment vertical. With over 100,000 cores and seven data centres across North America, CDW StudioCloud offer a completely secure, fully managed and infinitely scalable solution for studios of any size.

Select the location you want to render, connect to our Animation/VFX render purpose-built data centres via dark fibre and light up render capacity with the look, feel and security of being on your premises. If access to talent and tax credits means you need to shift locations, just scale up capacity at a new StudioCloud site. If your nodes are idle, you can sub-lease them at a higher rate than you paid.

Contract terms are flexible, enabling studios to buy for short-term projects needs, thereby more closely matching their IT procurement to the requirements of their production schedules.

CDW StudioCloud is available in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and Los Angeles, with London, UK and Sidney, Australia in plan for 2021.

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