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Terry Brown

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Terry Brown
Tucson, Arizona, United States
Closest Major City (for Meetings):
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Main Position:
Senior VP Worldwide Technology
  @ Technicolor
Senior VP Worldwide Technology
  @ Technicolor

2005-01-05 - 2007-07-01  (2 years, 5 months, 26 days)

Advanced Technology.

Responsible for developing new workflows and technology for end-to-end services from

dailies through DI and beyond to consumer distribution.

• Developed digital dailies screening services

• Deployed digital preview services

• Led development team creating “On Set” color management services for digitally

acquired projects

• Worked directly with Thomson Corporate Research on various color science

technologies for application in digital production and post production

• Chief architect for new, non-linear, high efficiency dailies solution based on the

Grass Valley bones system currently in development.

• Generated two Patent Applications for Thomson.

• Developed new workflows for both 2K and 4K Digital Intermediates.

Member Since: November 30, 2016  (6 years, 10 months)