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Ronald Knol

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Ronald Knol
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Closest Major City (for Meetings):
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Main Position:
Senior Technology Consultant
  @ TELUS Studios
Senior Technology Consultant
  @ TELUS Studios

2012-07-09 - Present  (11 years, 2 months, 12 days)

Oversee TELUS Studios’ IT infrastructure.

Lead and provide support for TELUS’ state-of-the-art production technology infrastructure including Windows and Mac systems, Final Cut Server, Cantemo Portal, Apple XSAN and Quantum StorNext FileSystem, Windows and SQL Server environments and digital signage.

TELUS Studios is the in-house ad agency and post production company for TELUS Communications Inc.


Studio: Systems Administrator
  @ Deluxe

1995-01-01 - 2012-07-01  (17 years, 6 months)

When I started the company was still Gastown Post & Transfer, the Rainmaker name had not been conceived yet.

We began as Rainmaker, then folded in Gastown and we became Rainmaker Digital Pictures.

From there we went through various Rainmaker names and in 2006 we aquired Mainframe Entertainment which was re-branded Rainmaker Animation.

In 2008 Deluxe purchased all divisions of Rainmaker *except* Animation, and we became Deluxe Vancouver and CIS Vancouver. What was Mainframe is now just Rainmaker.

The visual effects side changed names to Method Studios around 2010.


Member Since: November 10, 2009  (13 years, 10 months, 11 days)