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London, England, United Kingdom
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London, England, United Kingdom
Main Position:
Pipeline TD - Automatik London
  @ Automatik
Pipeline TD - Automatik London
  @ Automatik

2015-07-31 - Present  (8 years, 1 month, 21 days)

You will need to be able to deal with the following areas:
Linux / shell scripting
Python / Bash
Nuke / Maya / Houdini API
Deadline Render Management

You should have an understanding of the following:

VFX workflow
Colour workflow

Your responsibilities will include:

Maintaining and developing our tools and pipeline
Liaising with production and lead artists

General abilities, skills should include:

Good communication
Ability to work calmly under pressure and to a deadline
Initiative and independence of thought

The purpose of the role of Pipeline and Tools TD is to improve our creative process and help it run as smoothly possible.

Please email jobs@automatik-vfx.com with a covering letter and CV.

Member Since: December 17, 2014  (8 years, 9 months, 4 days)