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Neil Hogan

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Neil Hogan
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Closest Major City (for Meetings):
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Main Position:
IT Support Manager
  @ SkyBox Labs
IT Support Manager
  @ SkyBox Labs

2018-01-03 - Present  (5 years, 8 months, 27 days)

I've joined Management. My God. What have I done?

Systems Administrator
  @ Capcom Game Studio

2013-01-07 - 2017-12-22  (4 years, 11 months, 15 days)

Working in a 3-person IT team to meet the needs of a company with 200-300 employees. Delving into Cisco switch maintenance, vlans, cisco phone updates, network license upgrades and tracking, while also troubleshooting individual user computer problems in a fast-paced and dynamic work environment.

Desktop Support
  @ Rainmaker Entertainment Inc

2007-11-19 - 2013-01-04  (5 years, 1 month, 16 days)

Desktop Support provides first-level response to technical crises at Rainmaker Studios. Flexible to help every department on every project, while still maintaining healthy renderfarm activity in our server room. The Support role demands time and attention to network troubleshooting, application solutions, and rectifying OS issues from a variety of Linux flavours, Windows, and Mac.

Member Since: January 20, 2012  (11 years, 8 months, 10 days)