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CDW StudioCloud
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Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada M9C 5L5

CDW is the leading Canadian software solution provider for the media and entertainment industry. We serve thousands of clients, ranging from freelancers and startups to some of the largest studios in the industry. Our M&E experts work hand in hand with our infrastructure, cloud and security teams to provide you with the best-in-class offerings that will keep your projects on time, secure and on budget.  

CDW StudioCloud
Designed specifically for the media and entertainment industry, StudioCloud takes the burden of technology off your hands to let you focus on creating great work. With over 100,000 cores and four data centres across North America, we offer a completely secure, fully managed and infinitely scalable solution for studios of any size. Plus, we’re MPAA-audited.


  • Scalable Capacity – Access our infinitely scalable pool of render capacity with the term length that suits your projects.
  • Flexible Pricing – For baseline render needs, choose a longer-term lease with lowest price per node and day. Add shorter-term rentals for project-based work.
  • Speed – Deploy an entire studio of infrastructure in days to weeks – including workstations, storage and core network.
  • StudioCloud Exchange – Sell or sublease excess servers to other member studios to recoup your costs and mitigate risk.
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