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CloudFuzion® is combination of on-demand cloud computing technologies that enables studios to maximize ROI and optimize existing internal infrastructure assets. CloudFuzion is widely used for managing grids, clouds, hybrid-clouds and cluster computing resources globally. CloudFuzion permits the studio to easily share distributed rendering and computing resources across geographic boundaries. With additional modules for portal-based submission, cloud management and big data secure transport and management, CloudFuzion is a solid solution for optimizing cloud based HPC environments. CloudFuzion high performance cluster computing software is developed here in the United States by Axceleon.

The CloudFuzion platform is available as a service (PaaS) and used on larger public clouds, grids and high performance internal cloud computing environments where it helps users to get more results faster. CloudFuzion FastTrack™ transports big data in an accelerated safe and secure manner to multiple destinations in parallel.

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