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ZOIC Studios
3582 Eastham Dr
Culver City, California, United States 90232


"Visual Evolution" is our mission­-to evolve the story, art, and technology of the moving image, and through this evolution, broaden the audience for moving images. 

Partnership, integrity, and enthusiasm are the key founding principles at Zoic. Our projects are born in think tanks, where every idea has value and potential. Good ideas are fleshed out, and a plan for achieving a visual representation of the idea is set early in the creative process. During production we remain accountable to our word and, as changes occur, we change together. We believe that partnerships that remain intact finish with integrity. Most importantly, we love what we do. 

Zoic is a company of accomplished artists and producers who understand story, process, and relationships. Our team has a proven record of success. They are masters in their fields of 3D, Compositing, and Production Management. Their reputations, in turn, attract additional talent and encourage a strong work ethic. 

We have built a digital infrastructure, which is flexible and strong to support the staff. It is a "liquid" pipeline, designed by our team for rapid expansion and contraction. It is resolution- independent and changeable based on project needs. Leading visual technology firms provide additional support and insight to the latest methods. We work with these partners as we do with our creative partners: by promoting visual evolution as fast as technology allows. 

What we do can seem complex and foreign--even incomprehensible. It is our intention to educate and encourage others to embrace this change and together create something new.

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