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TSO Logic
610 – 425 Carrall Street
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6B 6E3


TSO Logic gives data centers the ability to cut energy costs and shrink their environmental footprint at the same time. We are the first company in North America to develop a lightweight, non-invasive software solution to intelligently and seamlessly power servers on and off in response to demand, without the need for additional hardware or changes to infrastructure.

Where did the idea behind TSO Logic come from?

While running businesses that relied on large-scale server farms, we started to wonder how efficiently our power dollars were being spent. Every month, we paid the same hefty power bill, regardless of how busy our servers had been. It didn’t take too long before we got frustrated with the lack of data, insights, and viable solutions out there—so we got started building our own.

Our Team

Our team is a dedicated group of ambitious and innovative individuals based in Vancouver, Canada. It’s an inviting place for a green technology company, with incentive programs designed to support the city’s bold goal to become the greenest city in the world by 2020.

Community Members
Aaron Rallo