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StudioSysAdmins is a social networking community dedicated to improving infrastructure, workflows and support across the Entertainment Industry. An expanding community with one common site that joins Systems Administrators, Technical Directors, Pipeline Developers, Consultants, Hardware/Software Support Engineers, Vendors and Resellers (VARs) that currently work in and/or support production studios in the areas of animation, visualization, visual-fx, film, and games.

Our goal is to enable the sharing of all non-proprietary information among all of our Members and to maintain open discussions between Studios, Vendors and VARs to determine standards in order to help improve support for the installation, implementation, monitoring and maintenance of hardware, software and operating systems.


Information about Local Meetings:

StudioSysAdmins currently holds regular local area meetings in London, Los Angeles, Montreal, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Sydney, Toronto and Vancouver and continues to expand local coverage as our membership grows. Meetings are hosted by one of our studio Members  and/or sponsored by one or more of our supporting member Companies to present, educate and discuss ongoing issues/concerns, future technologies; and of course, social conversation.

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