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Arc Productions
364 Richmond Street West, Suite 100
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5V 1X6

(416) 682-5200

Located in downtown Toronto in a 50,000 sq ft studio, Arc has over 500 employees and is one of the largest animation studios in Canada. In addition to our world-renowned animation services, our clients enjoy the benefit of Canadian tax credits, production subsidies and grants.

Arc’s commitment is to deliver exceptional CG Animation for theatrical features, television and VOD.

Not only are we developers of our own IP but our client base has grown to consist of major Hollywood studios, producers, broadcasters and brands such as The Walt Disney Company, DreamWorks Animation, Nickelodeon, Netflix, Focus Features, Fox Animation, Blue Sky Studios, Touchstone Pictures, LEGO, Mattel, HiT Entertainment, Spinmaster, Microsoft and Macy’s.

We work with our clients to balance technology, creativity, and quality. We tailor our pipeline to each project’s unique needs from conception to completion.

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