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RFX is the leading software solution provider for the visual effects industry. Located in the heart of Hollywood and serving clients all over the world, we are your one stop shop for visual effects advice, service and support in the film, video, web, gaming and interactive industries.

Concept to Completion
Bring RFX into the picture when you are planning your next project.  We are with you every step of the way to enhance your existing production pipeline or help you create one from scratch.

A Strategic Business Partner
With more then 30 years experience and representing over 100 products, RFX will provide you with the best solution to address your needs. Our vast knowledge and expertise helps us reduce your production time and costs.

Focusing on Your Objectives
We analyze your objectives and advise you on the best tools for the job before you get started - We'll even help you figure out what products you don't need, how many resellers do that?

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