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ProMAX Systems
2850 S. Fairview Street
Santa Ana, California, United States 92704

(800) 977-6629

ProMAX Systems develops and manufactures professional media technology solutions. Our powerful shared storage servers, workstations and storage devices help accelerate the creative process for video and media content creators around the world.

With over 20 years’ experience in Media & Entertainment, ProMAX understands the unique needs of Video Professionals. We use the latest technology to build innovative and highly effective solutions that deliver tremendous value for our customers. The ProMAX Platform shared storage system has become one of the most widely adopted products in our industry. Delivering superior performance in even the most demanding environments, Platform has the flexibility to scale for workgroups of any size and the power to manage multiple production processes such as Asset Management, Transcoding and Archival.

Learn more about ProMAX at www.promax.com

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