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ColorWorks (Sony Pictures Studios)
10202 W. Washington Blvd.
Culver City, California, United States 90232-3195

Digital intermediate and UHDTV post production. "all 4k, all the time".

Colorworks is the Sony Pictures "on the lot" facility. We complete the post production for the Lion's share of Sony Pictures and Screen Gems titles.  We have substantial scanning capability (2 scanitys).  We perform editorial and conform, as well as visual effects (flame/nuke) - though our "in house" capacity doesn't complete with imageworks.  We colorgrade on baselight (14 baselights, 7 of them are baselight EIGHTS).  We have a pair of ARRILASER2 film recorders (we shot out almost 50 YCMs last year).  We package our DCPs using a combination of kakadu and CineCert's Wailua.  We do restoration and dustbusting as well, primarily on PFClean.

The colorworks trailer department does most of the trailers for Sony Pictures and Screen Gems.  Right now (november 2013), the TV team has a dozen shows, 1/2 of them in 4k.
Along with the DIs, TV work and trailers, about half of the work in house is mastering titles from the Columbia vault.  Many of these films are old, and asset management resets the clock during a restoration to protect these properties in perpetuaity, shooting out a new negative and creating DCPs, as well and HDTV and 4kTV versions.  Some of these restorations are substantial (Lawrence of Arabia - $3M).
We have a significant infrastructure, much of it IBM based.  We have several volumes of GPFS SAN, and over 3PB of spinning disk.  We found the HSM paradigm just wasn't going to work for us.  We built our own file migration managment around our IBM robot - 5077 slots, 22 tape drives (just shy of 7PB on LTO5).  We can pull shots for a 4k feature in about two hours (as long as all the shots aren't on two tapes).
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