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Media Systems Engineer
Media Systems Engineer
  Full-Time @ Digital Domain

Los Angeles, California, United States

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Job Title:  Media Systems Engineer

Department:  Media Systems

Reports to:  Director of Systems Technology

Status:  Non-Exempt

Classification:  Full Time, Staff

Date:  January 2017

Purpose of the job:

The Media Systems Engineer assists the Chief Engineer in a variety of maintenance and helpdesk tasks. The role requires interacting on a daily basis with artists and production staff to make sure that they are able to complete their own tasks with a minimum of down time or confusion. The successful candidate will work with display systems, video editing and archiving systems, as well as digital projection and computer systems to accomplish these goals. Some training will be given, but an aptitude for, and interest in, electronics, displays and computers are essential. An outgoing, helpful manner will also go a long way.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities:

  • Monitor calibration, including desktop HP Dreamcolors and all Plasma/LED TVs
  • Verifying that all viewstation room equipment is working on a daily basis
  • Verifying the integrity of all conference room equipment on a daily basis
  • Maintain projection room equipment as required
  • Collaborate with Editorial staff to create Avid archives; restore jobs as requested by Vid-I/O and Editorial staff
  • Be the Admin for the Avid Unity: install and/or remove partitions as needed, set user permissions, etc.
  • Perform Avid upgrades or downgrades as needed, including adding/deleting users from each workstation and installation of new hardware as needed.
  • Be the point person for the conference rooms and view rooms, be responsible for user training where needed, escalate problems to the appropriate departments as needed.
  • Some wiring and assembling of audio and video equipment, as required.
  • Perform Flame upgrades and installation of new hardware as needed.
  • Calibrate the projector in the screening room when the senior engineer is unavailable.
  • Operate the screening room projector as needed when projectionist is unavailable.
  • Change setups on the TVIPS to accommodate projection needs when the projectionist is unavailable.
  • Setup and tear-down the Audio/Video equipment for the Musion stage.
  • Operate hologram projections on the Musion stage.
  • Install, maintain, and upgrade all MAC workstations for the VidIO department.

Education and/or Experience Required:

  • A specific degree is not required; however, an electronics-related degree is useful.
  • An Associate degree or equivalent from a two-year college or technical school would be appropriate.
  • Experience with computer software and operating systems, especially OSX and Linux, preferred
  • Prior experience with professional video and/audio systems is a plus
  • Prior experience with conference room systems (video presence) is a plus

Skills, Abilities, Special Licenses or Certificate:  

  • Ability to assemble and wire up devices is a big plus, as is the ability to make cables and assemble connectors.
  • Enthusiastic, helpful, willing to engage with users and help them solve problems is a big requirement

Working Conditions and Environment/Physical Demands:  

  • Office working environment.
  • Hours for this position are based on normal working hours but will require extra hours pending production needs.
  • Walking/bending/sitting.

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of the work being performed by people assigned to this work.  This is not an exhaustive list of all duties and responsibilities associated with it.  Digital Domain 3.0, Inc management reserves the right to amend and change responsibilities to meet business and organizational needs.

This job posting was last updated on Feb. 14, 2017