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IT System Administrator
IT System Administrator
  Full-Time @ Pixomondo

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Position Requirements:

Visual Effext (VFX) Experience is a MUST

- knowledge and first experience in: Setup and Administration of multi-platform networks (Win, Linux, MacOS), storage systems (NAS, SAN), Active     Directory, Windows Server, Backup and Archival, Virtualization (VMware esxi, hyperV), networking (DHCP, DNS, etc), IT security, software deployment, VoIP, basic knowledge of a scripting language (desired: Powershell)

- previous experience in the "Visual Effects" industry

 - motivated, flexible, willing to learn, ability to work self-responsible on IT projects as a member of the team

Duties & Responsibilities:

- Administration of local IT systems at PIXOMONDO's Toronto branch (workstations, servers, renderfarm)

- provide 1st & 2nd level support to end users

- setup of new workstations and systems - user management with Active Directory

- operation and maintenance of backup and archival procedures - evaluation of new systems for purchase recommendations - scripting and automation


If you your qualifications meet the position, please send an emai to Toronto@pixomondo.com with a subject Line " IT System Administrator- Pixomondo Toronto"

This job posting was last updated on Feb. 2, 2017