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IT Technician
IT Technician
  Full-Time @ Stargate Studios

South Pasadena, California, United States

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Our South Pasadena (Los Angeles) based VFX studio seeks an experienced IT Technician ideally with VFX or Post Production experience. This individual will report directly to the CTO and work alongside our technology, pipeline and editorial team locally and remotely to our global offices. 

We seek a very personable, self motivated team member who learns quickly with exceptional technical troubleshooting skills, organizational skills, attention to detail and follow through.

Duties and Responsibilities:
- First point of contact for support and troubleshooting hardware, software and general maintenance issues on Windows workstations, Servers, render farm blade servers, RAID arrays, NAS, UPS's, Printers, Networking, Phone Systems.
- Respond to other items such as power issues, building issues and other general issues.
- Report daily to the technology team.
- Deploying workstations, render nodes and servers for production use. Handle the majority of the physical hardware work. Including building machines, rack mounting, cable management. Assist in Install, configuration and support Firewalls, Network Printers, Routers, Servers, Server Software and Switches and more.
- Maintain and improve machine room appearance, functionality. We expect a self motivated approach to maintaining and improving the orderly nature of our machine rooms and hardware as a source of pride. 
- Assist with Data Management, Backup and Archive systems (QStar, LTO, LTFS)
- Assist in paperwork, documentation and purchasing related tasks and research as needed. Help maintain documentation and knowledge base articles for employees and IT Staff.

- 2 + years experience preferred or strong ability to show industry relevant knowledge
- Bachelor's degree or higher preferred but not required depending on industry experience
- VFX or Post Production experience preferred.
- Advanced hardware and software troubleshooting skills.
- Required Advanced knowledge of Windows 7, 8, Server 2003, 2008 & 2012 
- Good working knowledge of OSX and Linux.
- Advanced knowledge of hardware and software RAID systems (NAS, DAS, SAN).
- Advanced Networking skills including Switches, Cabling, WiFi, Firewalls, DNS
- Experience with Adobe, Autodesk, Foundry and other related VFX and Editorial software packages.
- Must have the ability to be first point of contact for IT issues and collaborate with the team and escalate appropriately.
- Experience with Google Apps preferred.
- Experience with high end graphics.
- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills required.
- Experience with virtualization.
- Advanced high volume data management skills.
- Ability to work with, create and maintain technology budgets.

- Direct experience with VFX workflow and pipeline (Asset management etc.).
- Experience in automation of software deployments.
- Scripting experience. (NodeJs, php, java, powershell, batch)
- MS SQL experience (hardware, software, backup, replication)
- On Set experience (Digital Camera experience, DIT and data wrangling roles, hardware setup and support).
- Willingness and ability to travel globally to service our existing offices and setup future offices. So, a valid passport is a bonus. We have offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Vancouver, Toronto, Malta, Germany and Dubai.

Other requirements

- Ability to lift heavy objects, at least 25lbs 

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This job posting was last updated on Aug. 22, 2016