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Help Desk Tech
Help Desk Tech
  Full-Time @ A52 Visual Effects

Santa Monica, California, United States

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Service/Helpdesk IT Role for MakeMakeEntertainment

(Rock Paper Scissors, a52, Elastic, Primary, JAX, MakeMake)

This role is available immediately for someone who can interact well with people via email and in-person, as a front person for EMPLOYEES setting up or troubleshooting issues on their workstations both onsite and remotely. 

The employees are both staff and freelance and all disciplines/programs across our post-production services: Offline editorial, Online VFX & finishing, Design & Animation, Color, Production and Operations. 

Primary hardware/software used is Premier, Avid, Flame, Maya, Adobe Suite, Renderman, Baselight; knowledge is helpful but not essential. 

 Work is currently both onsite and offsite, and tasks may include: 

*Helping employees setup with our WFH/Jump system, email, logins, protocols, etc. 

*Working with employees/engineering dept. to identify computer issues and advising on solution. 

*Coordinating license quantity/usage/protocols

*Updating self-help documents/tutorials so employees can trouble-shoot problems themselves.

*Logging and keeping records of tickets/issue/queries,  and analyzing to spot common trends and underlying problems.


The supervisor is our Chief Engineer, immediate supervisor is our Head of IT;  there is room and support for growth In this role. 

This job posting was last updated on Oct. 5, 2022