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Mid-Level Systems Admin
Mid-Level Systems Admin
  Full-Time @ MYTH VFX

El Segundo, California, United States

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MYTH IMAGE was founded in 2016 with a global network of studios in Beijing and Los Angeles. Leading with an Academy Award winning visual effects supervisor, our team provides client-side visual effects and post-production services for VFX heavy films. 



The Mid-Level SysAdmin role will be based in our Los Angeles office and is critical to the company’s technical systems up time, ongoing maintenance, support, configuration and improvement. Myth users rely on the Systems Department being proactive to resolve issues or outages before productivity is affected. Areas of primary focus include physical and virtual servers, class-leading storage and networking, workstations, operating systems, playout devicesin-house and cloud-based render farms.  


Working daily with the Director of Systems and closely with the Director of Pipeline to support and maintain the necessary systems required for day-to-day operation of the business is the core of this position. Providing a level of ongoing user support and assisting junior technical staff are also required. 


  • Workstation builds via automation including OS and software installation 

  • Server builds for necessary services, both physical and virtual 

  • Configuration automation and management 

  • Troubleshooting performance bottlenecks and intermittent issues 

  • Ongoing documentation of system design and configuration 

  • Deployment of end-user remote access hardware 

  • Moving, transporting and installing physical hardware 

  • Content security practices 

  • Network interface configuration and tagging 



  • CS degree and minimum 1 years experience in a similar role 

  • Competency in Linux/Unix (shell commands, common tools and processes) 

  • VFX industry knowledge of formats, file types and codecs 

  • Demonstratable knowledge of remote access protocols (PCoIP, VNC, NoMachine, RDP) 

  • Previous experience administering Active Directory in a Linux environment 

  • Puppet and Ansible awareness at a minimum 

  • Networking device configuration, interface tagging. 

  • License servers for network based licensing services 

  • Data transfer experience (aspera, signiant, ftp/sftprsync) 

  • Supporting and troubleshooting VFX software packages (Maya, Nuke, Houdini) 

  • Previous experience building or at least support a render farm (Deadline, Tractor, Qube) 

  • Identity management and SSO (Single Sign On) knowledge and awareness 


  • Scripting language experience (Bash, Perl, Python) 

  • Experience with production tracking systems (Shotgun/Shotgridftrack, NIM) 



  • Must be able to multi-task and maintain a positive attitude under pressure 

  • Excellent troubleshooting and time management skills 

  • Excellent communication skills and ability working with various levels of technical proficiency 

  • Excellent documentation skills 

  • Interest in computer animation and visual effects 

This job posting was last updated on Dec. 14, 2021