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Helpdesk Specialist
Helpdesk Specialist
  Full-Time @ A52 Visual Effects

Santa Monica, California, United States
negotiable, based on experience

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Helpdesk Specialist - MakeMake Entertainment


MakeMake Entertainment is seeking a Helpdesk Specialist to join the Engineering department for its Santa Monica campus. The role will be hybrid; working at the office and from home to support artists and production staff in a tier one environment. The role will support employees working across all disciplines of production and post production. The helpdesk specialist will interact with staff via email, telephone, chat / Zoom as well as in person. 


The position will report to the Head of IT. The helpdesk specialist will also interact closely with other members of the Engineering department to quickly and effectively resolve support issues. 


Basic responsibilities include but are not limited to: 

  • Responding to and prioritizing helpdesk tickets. The helpdesk specialist will escalate a ticket to the next level of support if he or she is unavailable or unable to resolve the issue. 

  • Installing software, plugins and drivers as needed to fulfill support requests. 

  • Assisting new employees with workstation / laptop set up and company accounts familiarization. 

  • Remote hands. Setting up and breaking down of workstations as needed. 

  • Remote hands. Rebooting on prem workstations and servers as needed. 

  • Tracking and maintaining hardware inventory. 

  • Maintaining workstation images and deployment cycles. 

  • Be part of an on-call rotation for after hours support.


Preferred Skill Set

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills. 

  • Strong attention to detail. 

  • Strong knowledge of Mac OS and Windows operating systems. 

  • Knowledge of the Adobe production suite, Avid and Autodesk software packages. 

  • Familiar with wired and wireless network infrastructure (cabling, switches, access points) as well as basic TCP / IP networking. 

  • Comfortable with audio / video devices and concepts (signal flow, patching, audio and video monitoring). 


Interested applicants should email their resumes to techjobs@a52.com



This job posting was last updated on Sept. 9, 2021