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Head of Systems
Head of Systems
  Full-Time @ NVIZ

London, England, United Kingdom

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The Head of Systems reports to the Head of Technology.  The role involves actively maintaining existing systems along with the planning and implementation of new hardware and software to meet the future needs of this busy and exciting visual effects company.

As Head of Systems, expect to work with all studio levels/departments in a fast paced environment. The Head of Systems’ key function is to oversee and manage the support of a diverse multi-platform network and infrastructure consisting of; high performance network storage, render farm, high end workstations and GPUs, extensive environments and multiple core visual effects software packages.



  • Oversight of hardware and software in the company, planning a roadmap for future technical expansion, setting and achieving associated goals

  • Researching and evaluating external suppliers, proposing optimum solutions based on cost/benefit analysis between internally developed and off the shelf solutions

  • Ensuring the Technology Department maintains high standards in technical skills, problem resolution, clear communication and industry best practices

  • Ensuring security implementation, compliance and management of client security measures (TPN)

  • Creating technical documents to guide the implementation of new designs

  • Anticipating production needs and resource planning accordingly

  • Monitoring incoming requests and delegating work efficiently to ensure the successful completion of projects and tasks, ensuring the infrastructure runs smoothly and reliably

  • Defining and ensuring best working practices are maintained across all projects

  • Working proactively and collaboratively with all other VFX and support departments to efficiently plan projects and deliver briefs in a pragmatic way

  • Collaborate with Pipeline team to resolve cross-department technical problems and diagnose root causes of problems

  • Facilitating and attending regular HoD and production meetings to advise on project developments, resourcing needs and departmental activities

  • Responsibility for communicating department goals, and relevant project / company updates

  • Key role in show postmortems, providing feedback on successes and areas for improvement

  • Managing, alongside HR, the development of the Systems Department including appraisals, probation reviews, performance management, mentoring, and engineer growth

  • Maintaining good communication and relationships with relevant suppliers, assessing training needs and coordinating training as required

  • Promoting a positive, productive, and collaborative work environment



  • 6+ years Linux systems administration experience (required)

  • 6+ years Windows system administration experience (required)

  • A solid grounding in core technologies such as the TCP/IP protocols, Active Directory, advanced security administration, and high-performance storage concepts

  • A firm understanding of Previs/VFX/CG shot production, processes and terminology

  • Proven leader with the ability to and motivate, mentor and support

  • Strong communication, analytical and organisational skills

  • Excellent problem solver, diligent and resourceful

  • Ability to work calmly under pressure, manage conflicting demands


This job posting was last updated on Aug. 25, 2021