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Core Software Engineer, Package Management
Core Software Engineer, Package Management
  Full-Time @ Digital Domain

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Position Summary:

The Core Software Team at Digital Domain is responsible for core tools and distributed services for use across the facility including: asset, task, and software management; dailies, render submission, analytics, cross site data transfer, and core Python libraries. 


Digital Domain is seeking a Software Engineer to develop our in-house software package management system, responsible for installing, upgrading, and configuring software at build and runtime. This job presents diverse challenges in a number of areas from dependency solvers to GUIs to package managers.


Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Work with the stakeholders to identify shortcomings of the current package management system and design and implement changes to address them

  • Work with stakeholders to identify shortcomings in Packrat, our database backed package configuration UI, and design and implement changes to address them

  • Support and extend our package management software installers

  • Support and extend our package management python APIs and services

  • Ensure the reliability of package management, maintaining and improving unit and functional test suites

  • Evaluate and integrate third party package manager support on an as needed basis, based on stakeholder needs

  • Collaborate with our Devops engineers on the automated build process

  • Troubleshoot and fix issues that arise in the course of production

  • Participate in code reviews with other Core Software Engineers and Pipeline TDs



  • B.S. or higher degree in Computer Science or related field and/or combination of education and experience equivalent to that level of professionalism, problem solving, and analytical skills

  • 3+ years Python programming experience

  • Proficiency with the python standard library

  • Proficiency with the Qt Gui framework

  • Experience with relational and nosql databases like Postgres and MongoDb desired

  • Experience with software testing best-practices, and by extension, familiarity with popular testing frameworks for Python

  • Experience with relevant domain topics such as SAT solvers, package managers, a plus


This job posting was last updated on April 1, 2021