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Database Administrator
Database Administrator
  Full-Time @ Digital Domain

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Purpose of the job:

The Core Software team at Digital Domain is responsible for core tools and services in use across our facilities, including asset, task, and software management, dailies, analytics, and core python libraries that underpin the production of major feature films, commercials, television episodics, VR, and more. The Core Software DBA is responsible for collaborating with the rest of the team on the designing, testing, planning, implementing, protecting, operating, managing and maintaining of Digital Domain’s numerous databases, used company wide by artists and tds on all of our productions .


Essential Functions/Responsibilities:

? Provide guidance and support for appropriate database driven service and application design, helping the team achieve greater efficiency and expressiveness for the systems which lie at the heart of our business.

? Take a leading role in schema design, code review, query tuning in our Postgres centric environment

? Evaluate and refine current strategies for tuning, backup, scaling, and upgrading Postgresql installations and deployments

? Collaborate with systems on appropriate provisioning and setup of underlying hardware

? Help standardize processes for working with databases over our products life cycles


Education and/or Experience Required:

? B.S. or higher degree in Computer Science or related professional experience

? Experience with key technologies, including Postgresql.

? Experience with NoSql Databases such as Mongodb and Elasticsearch a plus

? Professional experience in administering, managing and tuning databases

? Good understanding of data and schema standards and concepts

? Good understand database design, implementation, troubleshooting and maintenance

? Expertise in SQL

? Experience with Python preferred



This job posting was last updated on April 1, 2021