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Systems Administrator
Systems Administrator
  Full-Time @ Axis Animation

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Axis Studios Group are seeking a SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR to join the technical support team on a permanent basis on site in our Glasgow studio. The role carries a high level of responsibility, providing technical support across multiple studios, and consequently we’re looking for a systems administrator with a broad background and the ability to support multiple technologies.

The SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR role provides a great opportunity to work with a talented team on exciting projects in the games and media sector, whilst handling operational tasks in support of both general IT systems and industry-centric systems such as render farms, remote desktop services, and SaaS / cloud platforms. Communication skills and an ability to make decisions under pressure, as well as analytical and problem-solving skills are the key attributes for this role. The ideal candidate will have an understanding and/or appreciation of the challenging nature of the animation/VFX industry.

Systems Administrators are under the line management of the Head of IT in Glasgow and servicing stakeholders across Glasgow, Bristol and London.

General responsibilities:

  • Perform daily system monitoring, verifying the integrity and availability of all hardware, server resources, systems and key processes, reviewing system and application logs.
  • Perform regular security monitoring to identify any possible intrusions.
  • Participate in administration of backup operations.
  • Perform regular file archival and purge as necessary.
  • Create, change, and delete user accounts per request.
  • Support workstation management, imaging, and configuration.
  • Ensure proper documentation of systems and procedures.
  • Support physical security systems and ensure proper functioning.
  • Support in-house application configuration and usage.
  • Maintain asset tracking systems to ensure best management of resources.
  • Assess, troubleshoot, and resolve user hardware/software issues
  • Repair and recover from hardware or software failures
  • Maintain floating license servers.
  • Apply OS and firmware patches and upgrades.
  • Upgrade and configure infrastructure systems and software as needed.
  • Maintain server room and colocation facility environmental and monitoring equipment.
  • Other duties and projects as assigned.

Essential Skills/Experience:

  • CentOS / Redhat Linux configuration and management.
  • Strong working knowledge of Linux including command line.
  • Samba and NFS configuration in multiplatform environment.
  • Experience with Windows 10 Pro including installation and configuration.
  • Familiarity with Windows Server OS and Active Directory.
  • Thorough understanding of servers, networking, storage and compute-cluster systems for troubleshooting purposes.

Desirable requirements:

  • LAN/WAN networking.
  • Enterprise-level firewalls.
  • Virtualization platforms (on-premise and cloud-based).
  • Experience of troubleshooting creative programs such as Maya, Houdini, Photoshop, Nuke, Fusion.
This job posting was last updated on Nov. 30, 2020