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Post Production Systems Engineer
Post Production Systems Engineer
  Full-Time @ Arsenal FX

Santa Monica, California, United States

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ArsenalFX Color is currently searching for a Systems Engineer to join our team. The primary focus of this position is in systems architecture and infrastructure engineering. The candidate should possess expertise in systems administration and architecture along with foundational programming ability. Candidate will work to implement and improve Arsenal’s existing in-house infrastructure, as well as integrate and maintain various third-party systems and products. Candidates will contribute to the design of future architecture in addition to evaluating and integrating third-party solutions for hardware, software, and workflow for maintenance of operations across the facility. 

You will be responsible for system-level monitoring, supporting the latest in VFX and COLOR software (e.g. Nuke, Maya, Flame, Lustre, Resolve, etc.), data management, OS configuration, render farm maintenance, and workstation and server configuration, and much more for Linux, Windows, and mac OS systems.  


Responsibilities and Duties

  •    Perform in the following technical areas:
  •    Systems installation, configuration and operation (including remote workstations)
  •    Core network service (DNS, Firewall, etc.) installation and administration
  •    Hardware integration and deployment
  •    Software installation
  •    Configuration management
  •    Networking
  •    Incident response and management
  •    Security
  •    Setup and installation of Linux and open-source extension packages
  •    Develop internal systems tools and utilities for operating, monitoring, and reporting on studio infrastructure availability and utilization.
  •    Develop and maintain high-level digital security standards required in a post-production environment.
  •    Develop and maintain written operational procedures for routine network management processes.
  •    Administer servers and network services: DNS, DHCP, NFS
  •    Administer network switches, network storage and associated tape backup system, Virtual Server Infrastructure, Databases, User accounts, Email technologies, Firewall, Internet and Digital Security, User support and troubleshooting
  •    Analyze and tune systems for performance, throughput, resource utilization, high availability, and scalability.
  •    Evaluate system components, software, networking infrastructure and hardware peripherals for reliability, performance, scalability and security.
  •    Research in order to maintain a working knowledge of relevant hardware and software applications, including emerging technologies.
  •    Evaluate business requirements and make recommendations on systems design and hardware purchases to fulfill business needs.


  •    Bachelors in Computer Science, Information Systems or comparable professional experience
  •    Minimum 4 years experience in a professional systems engineering environment
  •    Advanced knowledge of Linux server and desktop environments
  •    Solid knowledge of OSX and Windows platforms
  •    Programming experience with at least one of Python, Bash, C/C++, Java or similar
  •    Experience building and operating high availability and high scalability computing systems
  •    Ability and desire to learn new technologies as required
  •    Ability to solve problems unsupervised and recommend proactive technical solutions
  •    Positive can-do attitude combined with the ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines
  •    Excellent communication and organizational skill with strong attention to detail
  •     Experience working in Film, TV, and/or post-production industry
  •     Experience in the installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of key software packages including: Maya, Nuke,Vray, Red Shift, PFTrack, Flame, Flare, Smoke, Lustre, Resolve,Deadline, Cinema 4D and After Effects
  •    Experience related to disaster recovery, business continuity, backup systems, tape libraries, SAN, Quantum Stornext, and NAS knowledge


** Interviews will be conducted virtually**




This job posting was last updated on Nov. 19, 2020