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Visual Effects Pipeline TD
Visual Effects Pipeline TD
  Full-Time @ CBS - Digital Animation Group

Studio City, California, United States

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CBS VFX is looking for a Visual Effects Pipeline Technical Director


  • Maintain VFX pipeline tools
  • Add new features and improving existing ones
  • Collaborate with supervisors, producers, and artists to identify workflows
  • Provide technical support and manage functionality
  • Document new tools/processes for users and developers
  • Conduct ongoing research into new software and industry workflows
  • Install and administer license servers using RLM/FlexLM and other vendor software
  • Automate software deployments and pipeline bootstrapping/via shell scripts


  • Bachelor’s or Graduate degree in Computer Science or related technical discipline, or equivalent experience
  • Thorough understanding of the VFX production and VFX pipeline development practices
  • Expert knowledge of Python, Shell, and various DCCs and asset management APIs
  • Strong working knowledge of Git or similar version control software
  • Experience developing tools in Python for Shotgun/Toolkit, Autodesk Flame, Nuke/Nuke Studio/Hiero, Maya, and Thinkbox Deadline
  • Ability to learn new APIs and SDKs quickly
  • Strong working knowledge of digital color pipelines: OpenColorIO, LUTs, CDLs, etc.
  • Experience with render management: Thinkbox Deadline
  • Experience with Linux, Windows & macOS operating systems in a multi-OS environment
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Ability to handle multiple priorities at once
  • Excellent communication and documentation skills

Desirable skills:

  • Strong working knowledge of VFX editorial workflows: turnover, ingest, conform, review, delivery, etc.
  • Experience developing tools for Houdini, Cinema4D, Photoshop
  • Working knowledge of basic networking and network administration
  • Working knowledge of archiving and backup solutions
This job posting was last updated on Sept. 29, 2020