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Linux Workstation Administrator
Linux Workstation Administrator
  Full-Time @ Blue Sky Studios

Greenwich, Connecticut, United States

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The Linux Workstation Administrator's primary responsability is administration and maintenance support for the Studio's 450+ production Linux workstations, including daily interactions with the Studio's digital animation artists. The Systems department staff contributes their expertise to a wide range of maintenance, integration, optomization, an problem resolution tasks. The Linux Administrator reports to the Head of Systems and works at the direction of the department's technical leads on break/fix tasks and projects.


Primary Responsability

  • Comprehensive support for the Studio's Linux Workstation and administration infrastructure, including integration, implementation, optomization, and inventory management.
  • Workstation builds and configuration management utilizing git, puppet, pxe, and salt.
  • Support for Hardware, OS and application evaluations.
  • Troubleshooting and problem resolution.


  • Expertise with CentOS Linux Administration.
  • Programming languages including Unix shell, scripting, Python, Perl, and Go.


This job posting was last updated on Oct. 8, 2019