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Computer Support Technician
Computer Support Technician
  Full-Time @ Reel FX

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Under general direction of the IT Director / Manager, provide technical support, training, and direction to staff using computer equipment and applications on a wide area network (WAN) and local area network (LAN); installs, tests, and resolves problems with computer hardware, network equipment, office equipment and software and performs related duties as required.


• Present a helpful, resourceful and positive approach to solving computer related issues experienced by desktop computer users.
• Install, support, maintain, and troubleshoot desktop operating systems and applications including office productivity software, Internet applications, production software, system utilities, and assorted proprietary scripts and tools.
• Provide timely response to requests for technical support by desktop computer users by telephone, email, and in-person interactions.
• Research, investigate, propose and enact any initiatives deemed by the team to improve computer users’ computing experience, efficiency, and comfort.
• Instructs computer system users in the use of computer equipment and of computer applications; answers questions and assists in resolving problems regarding the methods and procedures for using computer applications
• Coordinates installation of new hardware/software; installs, tests, and monitors the operation of computer hardware and software; configures hardware and software to meet user’s needs
• Administers LANs/WANs to maintain efficient operation and security of LANs/WAN
• Provides server support and maintenance; uses various utilities to trouble-shoot, repair, and check configuration of servers
• Maintains various records, procedures and documentation for computer systems and software
• Fulfill department team requirements: participating in regular and special meetings, filling out time sheets, occasional working after-hours, and carrying a cellular phone during and after work hours


• High School Diploma or G.E.D.
• Must be fluent in French and English
• Knowledge of the functions and operations of personal computers, laptops, servers, user and server software, wired and wireless networks, routers, firewalls, printers, VOIP telephony and common office equipment. 
• Proficient in Linux, Windows, and Macintosh Operating System, installation, maintenance, upgrade and troubleshooting.
• Knowledge of network security procedures and processes.
• 5 Years experience in computer systems support.
• Ability to communicate to end users with varying understanding of computer systems and software
• Ability to work unsupervised
• Creative problem solving
• Ability to prioritize and manage time well.
• Experience in film / commercial industry preferred

This job posting was last updated on Aug. 9, 2019