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DevOps Engineer
DevOps Engineer
  Full-Time @ Boulder Media Ltd.

Dublin, Ireland

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Boulder Media is looking for an experienced DevOps engineer to work with our IT, Pipeline and Render departments. IT & Pipeline departments support and build software which helps our crew make movies. This involves developing software and tools to enable the continuous delivery of our applications, build and maintain comprehensive monitoring tools, and work to analyze technical requirements and develop appropriate solutions.  Some of our tools include small utilities, plugins for applications like Maya, Houdini, Katana, and complex web services. You will work directly with software engineers and the IT department, and be responsible for deploying software, services and configurations. 


You will provide support for IT engineers & pipeline developers, application owners as needed and being available to assist during incidents is expected.  Support Infrastructure and automate repetitive operational functions.  An in-depth knowledge of IT infrastructure is necessary.




  • Define development and operation planning tools and processes for a highly scalable Linux environment
  • Provide Support for engineers, developers and application owners as needed.
  • Support Infrastructure and automate repetitive operational functions
  • Monitor systems to ensure they meet both users’ needs and business goals
  • Assist with solving technical problems when they arise
  • Support pipeline and implement features to optimize workflow
  • Build and scale our cloud render farm environments using Packer, Terraform and custom scripts




  • Have 2+ years professional experience as a Linux system administrator
  • Have 2+ years professional experience as a Python developer
  • Have 2+ years professional experience with configuration managements systems like Salt, Ansible,
  • Have 2+ years professional experience with container management and deployment for high performance computing needs across 1000's of containers and over 200+ artist workstations.
  • Cloud experience within AWS, GCP or Azure
  • Have experience with tools such as Packer, Terraform, Kubernetes, Jenkins
  • Have professional experience in the VFX, gaming or related industry
  • Be familiar with debugging C++ programs
  • Have a computer science degree or equivalent experience
  • Have excellent written and verbal communication skills


This job posting was last updated on July 23, 2019