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Pipeline TD
Pipeline TD
  Full-Time @ MYTH VFX

Los Angeles, California, United States

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Myth VFX


The Pipeline Technical Director (TD) is responsible for implementing detailed technical solutions to aid in production of high end visual effects for feature films. Pipeline TDs are required to work closely with the VFX production staff and report to the Pipeline Lead and Director of Pipeline. The ideal candidate would demonstrate a strong general technical understanding of visual effects production processes, as well as an ability to problem solve, collaborate and multi-task in a dynamic production environment.


Development and maintenance of pipeline tools and proprietary VFX platforms
Integration of VFX workflows with existing systems and third-party software platforms
Support, troubleshooting, and escalation of VFX production technical issues
Documentation of the pipeline for both end users and other developers
Collaborating with VFX production staff, department heads, and support departments on shared solutions to common problems
Assist remote VFX vendors with navigation of outward-facing transfer tools and portals
Identifying inefficiencies in production processes and making relevant recommendations for optimizations and improvements Strategizing on how automated processes can best manage finite resources like disk space, network/transfer bandwidth, licenses, and processor hours

Essential Skills:

Strong Python scripting skills
Comfortable with Linux
Familiar with 3D Digital Content Creation (DCC) software like Maya, Houdini, or Nuke Informed about 3D interchange file formats like alembic and FBX
Experience with Shotgun or a similar production tracking system like ftrack
Versed on concepts of version control in systems like GIT, CVS, or SVN
Working knowledge of a media playback/review tool like RV, cinesync, or Hiero Aware of common media encodings for still imagery and movies

Desirable Skills:

Perl, C/C++, and shell scripting
Prior visual effects production experience
A degree in Computer Science
Understanding of the technical challenges involved with cross-site international production
Familiar with modern cloud and web-based software platforms and design paradigms like REST and SOAP A general awareness of digital security best practices
Versed on fundamentals of color management pipelines like OCIO
Familiar with file transfer platforms like Aspera or Signiant

This job posting was last updated on July 11, 2019