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Unreal Technical Director
Unreal Technical Director
  Part-Time @ The Jim Henson Company

Hollywood, California, United States

Apply via E-Mail

Seeking experienced Unreal TD to assist in pipeline implementations.


Will be responsible for:

 * Convert Maya Character (rigging and deformers) and Stage Sets to Unreal

 * Unreal Editor UMG (custom UI) and extensive blueprint scripting

 * Workflow pipeline with Unreal Editor

 * Virtual production with scripting of Unreal Sequencer and Take Recorder

 * Packaging of take animation data, movie generation

 * Plugin packaging of blueprints and content for local distribution

 * Blueprint and Python scripting

 * Answering Unreal artist questions

 * Technical documentation


Work hours can be flexible, and compensation will be dependent on experience.


Please submit resume for consideration. Kindly do not contact the studio directly.

This job posting was last updated on July 11, 2019