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Video|VFX Software Publishing Engineer - Technical Operations
Video|VFX Software Publishing Engineer - Technical Operations
  Full-Time @ RE:Vision Effects

San Francisco, California, United States

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Video/VFX Software Publishing Engineer / Technical Operations:  Half-time 

RE:Vision Effects provides video processing and visual effects plugin tools for many applications. We currently have needs in the area of technical operation management.  

Note: Casting a wide net here, not expecting that someone is able to perform all these tasks. I thought this forum is a good match for what we need as skills, and for some might be an occasion to expand their horizons. Below is not in order of importance, although to be clear this would involve some daily technical support duties. Some of these functions can be sourced out to our network of contractors as well and internally redistributed based on your skills and interest

Location is irrelevant but we do need that some hours each day intersect Pacific Time zone normal work hours. Currently everyone is in the Americas so someone in Germany for example would need to work at non-standard hours. You do need to be located somewhere that has high-speed internet services.

  • Licensing support (escalation from sales support), such as help with floating license server issues. Can involve doing screenshares with client’s IT department... Given the nature of our business, some users don’t have IT departments. 

  • Licensing/activation software code base maintenance (third party technology with C API).  

  • Maintain existing scripts associated to internal operations (order processing and client database, web store data to quickbooks...). 

  • Make website updates, link website items to webstore items, etc.  Mostly done in WordPress, but no WordPress experience necessary.  

  • Make updates to webstore as necessary (no experience necessary!).  This mainly involves keep track of SKUs, pricing etc. Involves maintaining excel files and uploading them in proper place. 

  • Track different services we subscribe to (usage quota, follow-up on occasional issues with provider, analyze alternatives). 

  • Replicate user techsupport issues (bugs and feature requests).  We have 3 tiers of support internally:  sales, techsupport(end-user clients) and r&d (host vendors). You will receive all techsupport@ emails and parse them. 

  • Become a product specialist for some hosts applications or services. This can include porting software. 

  • Maintain technical FAQs pages and similar content. 

  • Good english writing skills (to update documentation as we add features and host support, release notes...) 

  • Pre-release testing (validate installers,...). 

  • Must be good at documenting what you do so someone else later (or if you are on vacation) can also do it... 

  • Collect Software, hardware, and other employees expenses. Also, everyone works at home here, but we still have IT issues.


  • Autonomous – eventually would involve maintaining your own Mac, Windows and Linux Environment. This is work at home.  

  • Experience in visual effects, editing, animation software development and good user skills in some commercially available production software is added value here.   

  • Experience in tech support or other customer care roles (capacitity to tactfully communicate with clients and be patient).
  • 2 years of experience C++ and scripting. This does not require algorithm development skills..., but capacity to troubleshoot with a debugger.  You are not over-qualified if you have a lot more programming skills (we are a software R&D company and can use that).  

This is not a short-term contract as it involves a fair amount of setup and training to get to speed. It might take 3 to 6 months before process is smooth running so time can then be spent on own initiative. Possibility to grow into full-time employment if someone has skills that apply to other things needed to be done here. People outside US would need to set a company at some point, evolving in employment with benefits is currently only an option for US permanent residents.


This job posting was last updated on June 4, 2019