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Post-Systems Administrator
Post-Systems Administrator
  Full-Time @ Carbon VFX

Chicago, Illinois, United States

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Whitehouse Post / CarbonVFX is a talented group of creatives with amazing producers and resourceful engineers.  We operate in a way to encourage ideas, enhance one’s knowledge, and collaboratively improve upon our workflows. 

This means, for IT, that we get to take part in rolling out some very interesting new technologies. 

The ideal candidate is someone that is hands on, has a creative approach to problem solving, enthusiastic, and is a self-starter.  We are willing to relocate.



      •  Maintain and support our systems, processes, and workflows.



      •  Development and Automation of processes and tasks.

      •  Systems installation of Mac, Windows, & Linux.

      •  Strong Networking Skills including - firewalls, switches, vlans, TCP/IP, etc.

      •  Work with outside vendors for support on internal systems, i.e.  Autodesk - Flame, Baselight - Color, HVAC, and phones, etc.

      •  Help Desk Support and resolution driven (Editorial, VFX, and Ops).

      •  Documentation of systems and processes via wiki.



      •  Strong scripting skillset.  Python, Bash.

      •  Proficient in Linux.

      •  Working knowledge of Puppet.

      •  Networking Skillset and experience.

      •  Professional experience in a Systems/IT Support position in VFX, and / or Post.

      •  Experience in VFX 'helpful': Flame, Nuke, Maya, AE, Houdini, Deadline, Avid, Premiere, etc.

      •  Experience with Help Desk Support.

      •  Troubleshoot networking issues.


This job posting was last updated on April 16, 2019