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Frontline Support Manager (Mac Team)
Frontline Support Manager (Mac Team)
  Full-Time @ Pixar Animation Studios

Emeryville, California, United States

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As the Apple Systems Frontline Support Manager, you will lead a team of systems administrators and technicians to create an exceptional technology experience for all Pixar employees; providing comprehensive, customer-focused support for the products and services we offer. The Frontline Support Team deploys and supports hardware and software for macOS, iOS, and tvOS operating systems. Additionally, the team provides printing services and support.

You are a people-focused leader with a knack for getting things done. You provide clear direction and priorities; empowering your team to deliver exceptional support experiences. You have a vision for IT in a self-service, cloud-centric world and a record of providing elegant solutions to complex business problems. You determine where the needs of the Studio intersect with the charter of your team, and you carefully evaluate competing priorities to apply resources for maximum effect. Yet, in the service of innovation, you encourage your team to take risks, to fail, and to grow. You have excellent technical instincts and experience, and you are adept at demystifying technology for non-technical audiences. Most of all, you are passionate about technology’s role in making people productive and happy. 



  • Communicate vision and strategy across functions and management levels
  • Manage daily, reactive work while also driving long-term projects to conclusion
  • Run agenda-driven meetings to communicate priorities and identify roadblocks
  • Develop efficient, repeatable support practices that ensure the consistent delivery of excellent customer service experiences
  • Craft clear and concise internal and user-facing documentation
  • Collect customer feedback and leverage insights to improve service and support
  • Meet regularly with individuals on the team to seek and deliver candid, empathetic feedback and to identify opportunities for career growth
  • Work with the stakeholders to achieve alignment of goals and priorities
  • Maintain a comprehensive budget. Track hardware and software deployment data
  • Develop relationships with vendors. Negotiate beneficial terms and pricing


  • 5+ years of systems administration experience
  • Project management and change management experience
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to manage a multitude of complex tasks and responsibilities
  • Experience in a technical leadership role is preferred
  • B.A./B.S. degree is preferred
  • Experience in film or television production is preferred


Pixar is an Equal Opportunity Employer. | Follow us on Twitter @PixarRecruiting

This job posting was last updated on March 4, 2019