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Senior IT Generalist
Senior IT Generalist
  Full-Time @ Get Set Games

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Hi there! We’re looking for a Senior IT Generalist with significant experience with Linux and Windows and familiarity with SAN. We consider this a senior role because it entails understanding business priorities and meeting simultaneous competing needs from multiple team members.

This is a critical piece of company infrastructure so approaching it with a service mindset is almost as important as the skills you've developed.

Any applicable certifications you’ve acquired -- Cisco, VMware, etc. -- will come in handy, as will a high level of emotional intelligence. You’ll be a key contributor to our team, and we’ll always support your continued growth at our company.

The Most Important Parts of Your Job

Professional experience: You need to be familiar with every phase of getting machines running and talking to each other and keeping them that way. Your team is counting on the fact that you’ve done this before, with skill and commitment.

Self-directed: If your queue is empty you won’t wait for someone to tell you what to work on. You drive your own efforts to learn and grow.

Safety net: You’re it. For all of us.

The Technology Domain

We have a Google based office suite serving a few dozen users, some of whom are remote. Workstations may include Mac or Windows PC as well as artist tablets, game console developer kits, and video conferencing hardware. Our development repository is in Perforce.


We require this role to be onsite in Toronto.

About Get Set Games

Our company is based on transparency, humility, professionalism and respect. We attribute our longevity and the enduring friendships we have developed throughout the industry to these foundational elements of our culture.   

The leaders within our company have been working in the games industry for over 20 years in a variety of different positions, and have delivered world class games, reaching over 80 million players around the world. 

Our Core Values

Aligning with our values is a prerequisite for becoming a great addition here.

We Value Artistry The goal of our art and technology is to deliver excellence, originality and beauty to our players.

We Value People Diversity and inclusivity promote innovation and strength. At Get Set Games we believe you should be your authentic, brilliant self. We treat each other with dignity and respect, and we view our players as people not demographics.

We Value Good Health Our environment and workplace practices promote emotional and physical wellbeing.

We Value Personal Improvement Our team members are encouraged to learn, improve, and take and give feedback as adults.

We would love to have you be part of the world we are creating here at Get Set Games. We’re always looking for talented people to join our studio and want to hear from you!

This job posting was last updated on Feb. 8, 2019